Small classes converts to high quality courses

LEXI-LOGOS consists of several levels, from beginners to all-advanced students. From the very first level, immersion in the Greek reality, communication with the Athenians, contact with the culture, play an important role for us. LEXI-LOGOS provides teaching in small streams with a limited number in our premises.

All our classes are small, 2 to 8 students only. This allows you to spend more time with a teacher and a greater flexibility to tailor the class to the needs of the student.

We begin Greek lessons throughout the year - when there are students interested, we can start a group at any time.For those with previous exposure to Greek, we provide tests to determine the appropriate starting level. LEXI-LOGOS can also provide flexible hours and customised training courses.

Our primary objective is to assist participants in applying their native language communication skills to the Greek language and culture. Oral skills are given priority; learning to listen and understand as well as to speak correctly with proper pronunciation.

The ultimate goal is to lead participants to a level of efficient communication, which requires a solid base of language skills and a real understanding of the cultural context. Through communication activities, along with exercises in grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and culture, each participant will learn to:

  • Understand, using real audio and video taken from films, TV, radio, music.
  • Speak, using role-plays, debates, social interaction, experiencing real life in Athens; theatre workshops including practical activities, with improvisation exercises to improve basic skills and to remove inhibition; and pronunciation, speaking flow and gesture.
  • Read, analysing authentic texts from Greek newspapers and magazines, business, literature, government documents, etc.
  • Write, using various texts with precise communication goals and linguistic development. Grammar is approached through language games and exercises.

 You have also the possibility to follow courses of Greek language with Lexi-Logos' team via skype.