Athens Philosophy Café in English

Our Philosophy Café is a monthly meeting to discuss some of the most challenging questions of philosophy at Lexi-Logos, a charming Language & Culture Center in Plaka, downtown Athens.

The aim of the Philosophy Café is to introduce different philosophical topics – mainly, but not only, from the Ancient Greek Philosophy – and to discuss them together with the participants in a free exchange of ideas.

The meetings start with a presentation by a professional philosopher about the month’s subject and are followed by an analysis and discussion with the participants.

Our Philosophy Café is open to everyone interested in philosophy.

The meetings are held in English. Residents from all over the world in Athens, visitors, and also Greeks are welcome!

The meetings start at 8.00 pm until 9.00 pm.

October 23, 2013: Why Philosophy? Some Reflections from Socrates' Apology

Our first meeting will be devoted to the reasons to do philosophy. The starting point will be the Apology, the famous dialog written by the young Plato recreating Socrates’ last speech. After an introduction on the main reasons that Socrates advances to engage in philosophy, we will discuss which the point of philosophizing today is. Some of the main questions that we will address are: What is philosophy? Was the practice of philosophy in ancient Athens different from our own? What is the importance of philosophy for our lives and for society?

About the speaker

Marcos Breuer is a Doctor of Philosophy. He studied Philosophy at the University of Cordoba, Argentina, and obtained his master's degree with a work on Norbert Elias’ philosophy of culture. After that, he did his PhD at the University of Dusseldorf, Germany; in his dissertation he discussed the sociological assumptions underlying the current debate between utilitarianism and contractualism. After a three-year stay in Italy, he moved to Athens in 2009 where he works in the fields of research and writing, teaching, and event management. He has published two books and many articles in different languages on ethics, sociological theory, and moral psychology. He is currently working on a book about the bioethical debate on euthanasia.